Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I try Legito for free?

    Yes. Legito Template Editor is available for free.

  2. How do I create a template?

    Using our Template Editor. (which you’ll gain access to after registering). Simply drag and drop different components onto the Editor canvas to create dynamic automated templates that maintain their legal integrity.

  3. How long will it take?

    Most of our new team members manage to create their first template in two to four hours. Once you have nailed down the basics, it will take significantly less time to automate templates. In addition to the Educational Courses, you can also find a lot of helpful information in our KnowledgeBase.

  4. Can I hire a trainee lawyer or a law student to create my templates?

    Of course you can. Many members of our Marketplace team use these services. Just remember that you will still be responsible for the accuracy of your template(s).

  5. What types of legal documents can I create?

    This is entirely up to you. Legito Marketplace focuses primarily on legal contracts, but our collection of documents includes legal actions, court records, affidavits, and more.

  6. Can another lawyer create a template similar to mine?

    The short answer is no. Each country / territory will have only one template to cover a specific subject matter. The only exception are occasions when a Marketplace team member proposes a second template to related matter, but with more specific / detailed use case.

  7. Am I liable for the way the user fills out or uses the template?

    No. An author of a template is not responsible for its use by the customer.

  8. What is my commission from template sales?

    Your commission is 10% of the price of each template sold. In addition, 30% of Legito Marketplace’s total earnings from user subscriptions is divided among the template contributors in your country. Your share of this “Country Pot” is calculated by dividing the total number of documents purchased in the country by the number of times your templates were purchased.

  9. Who sets the price of the template I create?

    Initially, you may set the price, selecting from a range of preset prices proven to be effective in your country. We then keep track of how well the template sells, and may later adjust the price to improve performance, if necessary.

  10. What are “additional legal services”?

    You have the option of providing the following additional legal services to customers that purchase any of your templates:

    • Evaluate whether the user set up and entered information into their legal document correctly (Document Review).
    • Evaluate a second party’s comments to the legal document (Negotiation Review).
    • Complete the template and generate the legal document on behalf of the customer.

    These additional services are ordered through Legito by customers although communication will be directly with you.

  11. Who sets the prices for the additional legal services?

    You do. Legito suggests offering prices below the market average as key selling point of Legito is that our automation solution reduces billable time.

  12. How is the payment for the additional legal services made?

    Customers pay for the additional legal services in advance through our payment portal. If you receive an order for additional legal services from a user, then it has already been paid for.

    We charge a 20% processing fee.

  13. Can I check to make sure you are sending me correct sales data?

    Absolutely. We’ll be happy to grant you access to our Google Analytics, where you’ll be able to see the number of conversions.

  14. How can a personal marketing specialist help me?

    The Legito Marketplace personal marketing specialist helps you increase your revenues and attract new clients. The specialist will:

    • Provide marketing analyses for your templates, and analyze the behavior and requirements of the potential customers.
    • Help set the optimal price for your documents and services.
    • Advise on how best to present and promote your firm.
  15. How will Legito promote my firm?

    • Every template you create will feature your profile, including your photo, name, a brief bio, and a link to your website.
    • Every transmittal e-mail sent to a user with one of your documents will clearly list you as the author.
    • Should you choose to write an article relating to a contract / document type, the article will reference your contributed template as well as feature your profile.
    • We will prepare a targeted marketing campaign for every template you contribute, and invest Legito’s time and resources towards promoting each of them. Generally, we accomplish this through advertising purchases on the major search engines.
    • We leverage our established partnerships with online portals and business partners to promote and share your legal documents.
    • We promote Legito services on social media.
    • Our expert online marketers will ensure your legal documents reach the right target groups.
  16. Who pays the commissions and other business expenses?

    All commissions and expenses are paid by Legito.

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