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This Will is ideal for assets valued at no more than £300,000. 

Last Will

I, the undersigned,
name , date of birth , identity number number of address . I hereby declare this to be my Will.
Revovation: I hereby revoke all previous wills or testamentary writings made by me.
Appointment of Executors
I nominate name of address to be the Executor of my Estate. Should be unwilling or unable to actas executor, I nominate name of address.
I direct that the executor of my estate be required by the Master of the High Court or other competent authority to give security for proper performance of his duties.
Details of security to be given are .
I direct that my estate shall devolve as follows:
Special Bequests:
After my special bequests I bequeath the residue of my Estate:
IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have signed this will in place on the in the presence of the undersigned witnesses who in my presence and in the presence of each other have signed this will as witnesses.
_____ (Testator) , Date:
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